ZBattleship is a free implementation of the well known battleship for the Sharp Zaurus SL5500 / SL5000D. Just install the package as always. I hope it runs on your Zaurus! Have fun!!!

zbattleship1 zbattleship2

Download zbattleship.arm.ipk

If you use Linux with WindowMaker and have a Dell 8XXX Laptop, installed the i8kutils and like some nice DockApps then try this one. It monitors the CPU temperature and the fan speed. More infos in the tar file!

  • 16.09.02 NEW Version. By clicking on F R and F L you can now control the fans! (Switch from off to slow to fast and back)
  • 23.06.03 BIOS fix for older DELL laptops (see BUGS, not tested...)
wmi8k1 wmi8k2

Download wmi8k.1.2.tar.gz